You would think that everyone could use the Saw Buddy
and that it would be a benefit to everyone with a saw.

This is our
Tenth year and we have had some very
interesting experiences.  

When we first started, we felt it was important to show
how a controller could improve the performance of a saw.

We knew without a doubt that we could improve the
quality of the boards, save electricity, save abuse of saws
and saw blades, increase production, and in general
improve the performance of the saw and also improve the
profitability of the operation.

Because of this confidence, we put a full page ad in the
"PALLET ENTERPRISE"  and offered to put a controller
into a saw mill or pallet factory and prove that it would do
what we said it would do for free.

We spent a small fortune and thousands of hours in time
letting different companies from the smallest to the
largest try a controller for free.

Saw Buddy has worked ever single time, but  everyone
who has tried it has not bought it.

One of the biggest problems we have had with the small
band saws has been workers who operate the saws.

These workers are very dedicated, and very hard workers,
who work for very low wages. (Many don't speak English)
When you add a Saw Buddy to one of these saws, you
enable that saw to increase it's board production to
double  what it was cutting before. This either
requires more workers, or it requires the present workers
to work up to twice as hard as  they worked before.

So, do they now get an increase in pay for the extra work
that is required?  
NO! And, they don't like the Saw Buddy because it's
causing them to have to work faster, do more work,
without any increase in salary.

We've had workers turn the controller off, or change the
setting to a slower speed many times.  

We had the Saw Buddy in one location of one of the very
largest companies in the nation, (we spent thousands of
dollars at this location) and had this happen many times,  
even one time while we were there.

Saw Buddy at this one location, was
not wanted by the workers, so,
this entire large company has missed benefiting
from the advantages it could have had
by using the Saw Buddy.

Another problem is the in-feed to the saws. We have
warned various companies before we put a controller in,
that their in-feeds probably will not feed
enough into the saw. We have actually cut twice as much
boards in a given time.

After the controller is installed,
this has proven to be true,
and some companies just don't want
to change their in-feeds.

You will note, that in these instances, the various
companies were interested in producing more boards.
And, they certainly could, but their interest becomes
focused on cutting a
lot more boards, instead of cutting a
reasonable increase of boards that both the employees
and in-feeds could keep up with while improving the
profitability through saw blade and electricity savings
while producing straighter boards .

Just an increase of 8% is equal to having an extra month
of production in one year, and workers don't notice that
small of an increase in work.

In all instances, the plant personnel acknowledge that the
boards were cut straighter with the Saw Buddy.

Another issue is the savings in saw blades. On the small
band saws (up to 2"), we know from experience that saw
blade savings can be up to 30%.

Also, electricity savings come
from keeping the current demand
down below what is occurring
without a controller.
The Saw Buddy can stop over-amping.

On very large saws,  savings can be substantial as
some large saws are using a huge amount of electricity
when they over amp.